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Castle Děčín

Elbe near Pirna
Elbe near Pirna

Saxony and Bohemia are affected by an age-long common history and coexistence.  Thereby the River Elbe is the natural connection between them. The Elbe Dale and the Bohemian Basin are the historical settlement lines and settlement areas respectively of the region. The Regions of the Ore Mountains were hard to cultivate and in the beginning sparsely populated. The first settlements there began with the immigration of Franconian and Thuringian countrymen. Archeologically discoveries evidenced first contacts between today’s Saxony and Bohemia since the Neolithic.

About 924 – 925       Vaclav I. established the first independent Czech feudal state
929   foundation of the Castle Meißen, development of the Mark Meißen
1168   first discoveries of silver ore near Freital – Beginning of the silver mining
13th century   Boom years of the Bohemian Kingdome
About 1500   Saxony starts to be one of the German leading States
16th century  

nobility increasingly move from Saxony to Bohemia, height of the good economical and cultural contacts between both states

1851   Building of the railroad connection Dresden - Pirna - Schöna - Děčín and upturn of the steam navigation on the Elbe
1860/ 61   Czech people move to Saxony more and more because of labour deficit in mining
1918   Foundation of the Czech Republic
1939   Munich Agreement, territories which are predominant inhabited by German will be assigned to Germany
WW 2   Occupation of the remaining territories of Bohemia and Moravia, development of the „Reichsprotektorat Böhmen und Mähren“
End of WW 2   expulsion of the German population from the Czech territories and resettlement of the formerly by German settled territories with Czechs
After WW 2   independent development of the Czech and German territories
1949 – 1990   “ordered friendship” between the GDR and the CSSR
From 1972   Passing of a generous border regulation between the GDR and the CSSR, increase of the cross border tourist traffic
1990   German reunification
May 2004   the Czech Republic joined the European Union
December 2007   the Czech Republic joined the Schengen Area
August 2008   commencement of the Saxon administrative reform
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